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This high quality, heavy-duty penis pump is ideal for those with a bigger than average rod or those looking for the next level of pumping. The American Pumper’s Association says this pump lets you “take serious pumping to a whole new level!”

Create an airtight seal around your penis and increase blood flow. With regular use, this increase in blood flow and pressure allows your penis to expand in both length and girth. It’s the perfect “secret weapon” to reach your maximum pleasure potential and drive your lovers wild.

The oversized, flanged cylinder with universal incremental measurements allows you to keep track of your progress every session. Once your penis is nestled snugly inside the cylinder, an easy-squeeze trigger handle lets you tighten the seal around it to your level of comfort. When you’re ready to wrap up, a push button release valve releases the air in the cylinder in seconds and lets you slip right out.

The set includes a tapered silicone secure fit donut for maximum comfort and the airtight seal you need to keep pushing your erection to new heights. A flexible, non-crimping hose makes pumping in any position a breeze. And, at 9 inches by 2.25 inches, the cylinder is the perfect size to accommodate your growing manhood.

UPC: 716770076434

Weight: Bulk:9.6(oz) / 0.27(kg) | Package:5.3(oz) / 0.15(kg)
Package: 3.75 x 9.75 x 16.75(in) / 9.5 x 24.75 x 42.5(cm)

Precision Pump Intermediate 2.25"/5.75cm

SKU: 716770076434
  • SE-0999-40-2
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