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The Black Jack Stroker has everything you need to pump and please. This powerful stimulator lets you pump up your manhood to its maximum level while the stroker sucks and strokes you to an explosive finish.

Pleasure and pumping team up to create this dual action stroker. The all-purpose pump features multi-speed controls and a soft and stretchy vacuum sleeve and powerful vacuum-sucking action to create an airtight seal for maximum size enhancement. The pressure creates increased expansion that leads to rock-hard results.

Whether you’re warming up for a partner or indulging in some solo play, the increased sensitivity, and virility that ensues will have you feeling amazing. The standard pump bulb makes finding your ideal pressure easy, and the quick release valve allows you to relieve the pressure immediately.

On the pleasure side, this stroker has a form-fitting vertical stroking sleeve with wonderful noduled texture to intensify your pleasure. Powerful sucking sensations and incredible multi-speed strokes will be all it takes to send you over the edge.

The independent multi-speed controller requires 4 C batteries to power up its vibrating and stroking action. Take things slow or amp up the intensity to race toward an incredible orgasm.

This all purpose pump measures in at 6.5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. Experience what it’s like to blend pumping benefits with stroking, vibrating bliss with this dual action pump.

Weight: Bulk:20.4(oz) / 0.58(kg) | Package:25(oz) / 0.71(kg)
Package: 3.5 x 3.5 x 17(in) / 9 x 9 x 43.25(cm)

Optimum Series Black Jack Stroker

SKU: 716770044631
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