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Awaken your Obsessionss with blissful pleasures. Dreamy, plush, and flexible silicone toys featuring powerful vibrations. Rechargeable and water resistant. Find the dream partner that is made just for you.

UPC: 657447106415

Product Weight:5.08 (Oz)
Product Dimensions:6.3 x 1.3 x 1.3 (Inches)(Max Height X Width X Depth)
Package Dimensions:9.41 x 3.74 x 1.81 (Inches)(Max Height X Width X Depth)
Insertable Dimensions:5.31 x 1.26 (Inches)(Max Height X Width)
Product Material:Silicone
Battery Type:N/A

NS - Obsession - Romeo - Light Purple

SKU: 657447106415
  • 5.08 (Oz)
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