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Add a sturdy crop to your collection and always have a wicked tool on hand for spankings and kinky play! This riding crop delivers a sharp and certain bite for when you want to kiss your partner with a touch of delightful pain. Made out of vegan friendly leather, this crop has a textured grip that helps you keep your grip as you play. The firm rod at the center is made of a glass fiber that is firm with enough flex to handle impact. The triangular end is perfect or precise and specific impact play. To clean, spray with a toy cleaner or a mixture of alcohol and water.

Bend them over after some teasing and negotiation. Warm up their behind with a few spankings and floggings. When they're ready, start to tap them lightly with the triangle end of the crop. Each impact is precise and stings ever so slightly. Begin to go harder and harder, their skin flushing red, until they've had enough. Rub the spots where you hit them, then continue again when they're ready for more!

Key Features:

Vegan Friendly Leather: Vegan friendly leather made out of polyurethane for a classic look.

Textured Grip with Nickel-Free Metal: Keep a firm grip with the textured handle that makes it easy to hold onto.

Easy Accuracy: The firm rod of this crop is easy to aim and delivers a biting sting when used.

Looped Handle: Hang up the crop with the looped handle for easy storage.

Master Series - Riding Crop 12"

SKU: 848518052650
  • Overall length: 12 inches. Crop width: 1.5 inches.
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