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Soraya Beads is a gender-neutral beaded anal massager designed for those just beginning to explore anal play. Its exclusive waterfall design has been designed to stimulate the sensitive nerve endings found both inside and around the anus so that you can enjoy a new type of orgasmic sensation that begins with the smallest bead and continues with three more that increase. progressively in size. All this is possible thanks to the innovative Bow-Motion technology inspired by expert movements of violinists. All the beads work in harmony so that you feel a sensation of push without any such movement.

To feel pleasure during anal play, you must stimulate the A point or the P point through a wall that they share in the anal canal. Whether you use it alone or with someone else, SORAYA Beads™ will make you feel an overwhelming sensation as you insert the beads, which will move and gently rub these pleasure zones.

Special features:
- CASCADE PLEASURE DESIGN: A new design in our product portfolio with 4 beads that progressively increase in size so you can enjoy maximum comfort when exploring anal pleasure
- GENDER NEUTRAL (stimulation of A and P points): SORAYA Beads™ allow everyone easy access to anal pleasure thanks to the proximity between the vaginal wall and the anus. It doesn't matter if it's point A (which is slightly behind point G) for women or point P for men, fun is guaranteed.

- Charge: up to 2 hours at 5.0 V 500 mA
- Rated power:
• Input: 5 V 2.5 W
• Output: 3.7 V 1.2 W
- Use time: up to 2 hours
- Frequency: 130, 103 and 130 Hz
- Max level Noise: <60 dB
- Interface: 3 buttons

Lelo - Soraya Beads Black

SKU: 7350075029387
  • biocompatible silicone and ABS plastic
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