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Inviting Softness, Delicate Smoothness iroha is coated in a soft, supple material, with a silky-smooth finish.
The iroha's Soft Touch silicone allows for accessible and sensual self-care.

Waterproof and Dust Repellant The main body of the iroha is waterproof and can be easily washed in water. The anti-dust protective coating prevents dust from sticking to the item, for a clean, hygienic experience every time.
Deep Strength, Quiet Vibrations iroha is designed to provide for all tastes, with three vibration strengths and two pulse patterns for you to enjoy. Powered by a strong, near-silent motor so it can be used comfortably in peace.

The charging lamp blinks while charging

Included Parts:
USB Cable
User Manual

Product: Bodysafe Silicone, TPU

Other Specs:

USB Rechargeable

Running Time: Approx. 90min (Full Power)

Charging Time: Approx. 120min (Rated Voltage DC 5V, 1A)

Waterproof up to 19.5”

Warranty Period: 1 Year


SKU: 4570030978410
  • Approx. 3.03 × 2.32 × 1.54 inches
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