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BDSM, submission, punishment, coercion are all practices that will interest your clients, especially if you present this rigid bar with 4 handcuffs.
Presented by your Fetish Temptation Wholesaler, this set of submission or constraint, the partner will be held to a bar by the wrists and ankles by forcing him to have a position leaning forward, enough to imagine several scenarios.
To be comfortable, this set of 4 handcuffs is adjustable.
The handcuffs are with a carabiner attachment system, so these handcuffs can be used for other naughty games .
Once in place, the handcuffs and the rigid bar will become one and "imprison" the person.

FT Submission Bar 4 Handcuffs

SKU: 3479225704128
  • 3479225704128
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