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Introduce new erotic games to your customers.
Your ConcordePro wholesaler offers you this immobilization harness from the Fetish Tentation brand .
Advantage: a mask is offered .
An adjustable neckline, adjustable and removable handcuffs for other games and an adjustable belt.
The breastplate is equipped with metal rings to adjust the handcuff attachment to different heights.
The fasteners can be done on the front as well as the back.
Advantage: A mask is offered.

Box in mm: 270 x 200 x 70 - Weight 350grs - Plastron 45 x 5cm - Belt 110 x 3cm - Necklace diameter 22cm x 5cm
Composition Nylon & Metal

FT Harness Straps for Neck and Wrists

SKU: 3479225701127
  • 3479225701127
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