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How to Choose Your First Adult Toys

Choosing your first adult toy can be as exciting as it is daunting. There's a wide variety of toys out there, and finding the one that fits your needs can feel a bit like navigating a fun, yet complex, maze. I remember when I decided to explore the world of adult toys for the first time. I felt a mix of curiosity and nervousness—after all, it was all uncharted territory for me. To help you on your journey, here are some tips that I found invaluable, and I hope they’ll help you too:

1. Identify What You Like

The first step in choosing an adult toy is understanding what kind of stimulation you enjoy. This can vary widely from person to person. Do you prefer external, internal, or dual stimulation? Considering what you already enjoy during your personal intimate moments or with a partner can guide you towards the type of toy that will best suit your needs..

2. Research the Materials

Safety is key when it comes to intimate items. Look for toys made from body-safe materials like silicone, glass, or stainless steel. Avoid anything that contains phthalates, as they can be harmful. Silicone is a popular choice because it’s hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and soft to the touch.

3. Start Simple

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the choices, it's a good idea to start with something simple and user-friendly. A small clitoral vibrator or a straightforward dildo can be a great starting point. These types of toys are generally less intimidating and easier to use while still providing plenty of pleasure.

4. Consider the Power Source

Think about whether you prefer a toy that’s battery-operated, rechargeable, or manual. Rechargeable toys tend to be more powerful and offer more consistent power delivery during use, but they can be more expensive. Battery-operated toys might not be as robust, but they can be great for beginners due to their generally lower cost and ease of use.

5. Read Reviews of Adult Toys

One of the best ways to gauge whether a toy might be right for you is to read reviews. See what others are saying about the durability, intensity, and usability of the toy. Remember, everyone’s experience is different, but reviews can provide helpful insights from a variety of perspectives.

6. Set a Budget

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re shopping for adult toys, but setting a budget can help you narrow down your choices without feeling overwhelmed. There are great options available at various price points, so don’t feel pressured to splurge unless you’re ready.

7. Keep It Fun

Remember, the whole point of getting an adult toy is to have fun and explore new avenues of pleasure. Don’t stress too much about choosing the “perfect” toy. Part of the fun is experimenting and finding out what works best for you.


My first experience with an adult toy was both enlightening and a bit comical. I chose a mid-range silicone vibrator and was so excited to try it out that I forgot to charge it in advance—oops! Lesson learned: always read the instructions and prepare accordingly.

Embrace this new adventure with an open mind and heart. Here’s to your journey toward discovering more about your body and what brings you joy! Shop Now

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